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Irish282 & the Origins (by Irish282 & others)

September 16, 2008
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Irish282 Logo





Irish282 on YouTube:

Irish282 videos:

I Have Another Impostor – by Irish282

How to Report Abuse or Harassment to YouTube – by Irish282

How to Report a Video to YouTube by Irish282

Beware of Fake “Private Messages” – by Irish282

How To Get Back A Hacked Account On YouTube by Irish282

Common Sense V2 – by Irish282

Let’s Clear the Air – by Irish282

The EZ Way to Stop Email Spam from YouTube by Irish282

Operation Leviathan (Sea Shepherd repost by Irish282)


For information on YouTube hate groups:
How I Met The Yahweh Clan (Intro to the drama)
The Yahweh Clan – Origins Part One
(Part One of the histroy of the Yahweh Clan as well as I can piece it together.)
The Yahweh Clan – Origins Part 1a
(Some clarifications, minor corrections, explications, and documentation pertinent to Part One that I felt were important to make available before presenting Part Two.)
The Yahweh Clan – Origins Part Two
(In this video I explore the Timeline of events leading to an all-out assult on Irish282 by the Encyclopedia Dramatica following his “The Fight Is On” video, which eventually led to the formation of the Yahweh Clan in February – March, 2007.

I demonstrate the “psychotic obssession” evident in the comments of “‘Roo,” (currently MatisseVonMajestique) and then demonstrate the evolution of accusations of pedophilia against Irish282, which suggest an agenda of revenge, rather that a reaction to evidence. I hope I can wrap this up in Part Three…)
The Yahweh Clan – Origins Part 2a
“Doja” was not PervertAlert as I speculated in part Two, Pervert Alert was “‘Roo,” AKA “BigCrystalBalls,” “HugeCrystalBalls2007,” “DevilInHeels,” “KillahRoo,” “Kattcher,” “MatisseVonMaxim,” and many more. Also, PervertAlert is not the earliest account that was later linked to the Yahweh Clan. birthmother69 was active by Jan. 05, 2007.

timewarlord’s video of January 06, 2007:
The Yahweh Clan – Origins Part Three
MatisseVonMaxim was suspended April 1, 2008. She is now MatisseVonMoritz.

In this video I recap events leading to an all-out assult on Irish282 by a user called pigslop, aka “Mr. Ketamine,” beginning February 7, 2007,following Irish282’s “The Fight Is On” video . I examine pigslop’s reasoning and motives.
Watch for part four.
I hope I can complete this series in five parts.
The Yahweh Clan – Origins Part Four
Pigslop (Mr. Ketamine) intensifies his offensive against Irish282 and inspires many other YouTubers to join him in his merciless assualt, but never provides any evidence to support his claims that Irish282 is a pedophile. Eventually, Pigslop admits that he was a liar, is branded “a traitor” by the Yahweh Clan and quits YouTube.
The Yahweh Clan – Origins Part Five
Conclusion of this series on how the Yahweh Clan came to exist and why.
If you are being stalked or harassed, Irish282 has videos that show you how to report abusive videos and users:
Irish282 also has some logged videos on this subject posted by others that may be of interest.

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