Irish282 & YTV vs Lies from RJ Carter

September 1, 2008

Irish282 & YTV vs Lies from RJ Carter

TheRJCarter has continued his harassment of a children’s group on … YouTube with more “dirty tricks” and lies. See his latest videos. **********************
On January 28, 2008, an “article” full of lies and distortion was published by an Internet site,

YouTube: Pedophile Playground
by R.J. Carter

One target was a group formed by a 13-year old boy on YouTube who edits together video clips submitted by other kids on important topics such as Earth Day and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

RJ Carter called this kid’s group “a for-profit children’s video-making organization with
over 6,000 members worldwide”.

A blatant lie.

This group is comprised of a handful of KIDS, and anyone can see the “members” by simply watching any of their videos.
There they are. There are no “secret” or “anonymous” people (adults OR kids) “running” or involved in their group.

He also described “an organization vying for corporate sponsorship from Nike and CBS”.

Another lie. Nowhere have they ever asked to get any sort of “sponsorship” or money.
The links to CBS and Nike were on their website as a partial list of YOUTUBE sponsors to contact to voice concerns about how YouTube was treating their patrons. It has nothing to do with trying to get them as a sponsor for their group.
This was made perfectly clear on the site.
If this is how badly RJ reads, he should have no business writing ANYTHING.

RJ Carter wrote his article in a way that implied links to this kid’s group with online child predators, child pornography, pederasts, boy-lovers, and pedophiles.

This is in no way true.

Does RJ Carter have no shame? How dare he do this to kids that have done nothing but good. Who have shown concern for others in the YouTube community, and for issues that affect all of us.

What have these young people ever done to deserve this treatment? How cruel and heartless are these sick adult men with nothing better to do then torment children for fun?

For over a year, this hate group, the YouTube Yahweh Clan, has harassed this young teenager and his friends with death threats, pornography, spamming, degrading videos, and disgusting sexual insults.

Those whom have been reporting harassment against these kids to YouTube and Law Enforcement are labeled “pedophiles” by Troyriser TheRJCarter, and the Yahweh Clan, a typical form of intimidation by this group of criminals, whose activities have included felony crimes such as forgery, perjury, and fraud.

They call these activities “LULZ”.

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Irish282 (archive) The Mocking of People With Disabilities

August 30, 2008

A vintage Irish282 video

Yahwey Clan member Lmte (now suspended), the “Master of Epilepsy” is one of the biggest harassers of disabled people in the Yahweh Clan. Though many of his fellow Clan members seem to enjoy mocking and playing games with the disabled on YouTube, he does it the most.

Yahweh Clan members are also members of the website Encyclopedia Dramatica, where terms like “ChairFags” and “Retards” are used to refer to the disabled, and Children with Aspergers Syndrome are called “AssPies”.


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Irish282 (archive) Banned Yahweh Clan Videos

August 30, 2008

Vintage Irish282 video.

A short list of some of the Yahweh Clan hate videos that have been removed by YouTube. Just to give you an idea of the types of video they consider “Fair Use”, and an idea of the type of people they really are.
Videos range from offensive to sometimes pornographic.

These videos were posted to hurt people, both adults and children. Hundreds have been removed by YouTube.

Most videos include stolen photos and video clips of the children the Yahweh clan has been harassing and threatening for either opposing them, or being friends of those that do.

Logansperman2’s name is shown because he is openly fighting hate on YouTube. The names of other kids in video titles or part of a vulgar user name have been deleted. Many of the videos with Logansperman2’s name on the title also attack his friends.

The Yahweh Clan is a small criminal group on YouTube. They have committed real crimes. They need to go.


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Irish282 (archive) The First Banhammer Video

August 30, 2008

A classic Irish282 YtV video from the archives, this is the first banhammer video.


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Irish282 & other Victim-Support Videos on YouTube

August 30, 2008

The Irish282 Channel:

Irish282 videos:

I Have Another Impostor – by Irish282

How to Report Abuse or Harassment to YouTube – by Irish282

How to Report a Video to YouTube by Irish282

Beware of Fake “Private Messages” – by Irish282

How To Get Back A Hacked Account On YouTube by Irish282

Common Sense V2 – by Irish282

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The EZ Way to Stop Email Spam from YouTube by Irish282

Operation Leviathan (Sea Shepherd repost by Irish282)

Irish282 (repost) Operation Leviathan – Sea Shepherd

August 30, 2008

Distributed with permission of The Sea Shepherd by Irish282

Great action, as the Sea Shepherd goes after pirate whaling ships!

There is a short scene of whales killed…look away if you need to.

About the The Sea Shepherd flagship, the R/V Farley Mowat:

In August 1996, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society purchased a new long-range, ice-class, heavy-duty, conservation enforcement ship in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She is definitely up to withstanding the ice floes of the Labrador coast, the harsh unpredictable waters of Antarctica and challenging any pirate whaler on the high seas.

The ship was built in 1956 as a Norwegian Fisheries research and enforcement ship. At 54 meters (180 ft) in length and 657 tons (displacement), her one-inch thick riveted, welded steel hull was built to withstand the violent pounding of the storm-haunted North Sea.

The ship’s massive German-built diesel engine drives a variable pitch propeller that is protected inside a Kort nozzle. This means 1400 horsepower, coupled with the swift maneuverability of bridge control of the pitch.

She is a protector, and a symbol of hope for a better, more humane, and more ecologically conscious future. The Farley Mowat is, has been, and will continue to be the world’s greatest defender of marine wildlife.

For more information:

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