Irish282 (repost) Operation Leviathan – Sea Shepherd

Distributed with permission of The Sea Shepherd by Irish282

Great action, as the Sea Shepherd goes after pirate whaling ships!

There is a short scene of whales killed…look away if you need to.

About the The Sea Shepherd flagship, the R/V Farley Mowat:

In August 1996, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society purchased a new long-range, ice-class, heavy-duty, conservation enforcement ship in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She is definitely up to withstanding the ice floes of the Labrador coast, the harsh unpredictable waters of Antarctica and challenging any pirate whaler on the high seas.

The ship was built in 1956 as a Norwegian Fisheries research and enforcement ship. At 54 meters (180 ft) in length and 657 tons (displacement), her one-inch thick riveted, welded steel hull was built to withstand the violent pounding of the storm-haunted North Sea.

The ship’s massive German-built diesel engine drives a variable pitch propeller that is protected inside a Kort nozzle. This means 1400 horsepower, coupled with the swift maneuverability of bridge control of the pitch.

She is a protector, and a symbol of hope for a better, more humane, and more ecologically conscious future. The Farley Mowat is, has been, and will continue to be the world’s greatest defender of marine wildlife.

For more information:

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