Irish282 (archive) Banned Yahweh Clan Videos

Vintage Irish282 video.

A short list of some of the Yahweh Clan hate videos that have been removed by YouTube. Just to give you an idea of the types of video they consider “Fair Use”, and an idea of the type of people they really are.
Videos range from offensive to sometimes pornographic.

These videos were posted to hurt people, both adults and children. Hundreds have been removed by YouTube.

Most videos include stolen photos and video clips of the children the Yahweh clan has been harassing and threatening for either opposing them, or being friends of those that do.

Logansperman2’s name is shown because he is openly fighting hate on YouTube. The names of other kids in video titles or part of a vulgar user name have been deleted. Many of the videos with Logansperman2’s name on the title also attack his friends.

The Yahweh Clan is a small criminal group on YouTube. They have committed real crimes. They need to go.


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